LV Murakami 2003 collection

  1. Are there lots of you with Murakami bags from the 2003 collection? If so do you still carry them a lot?
  2. i have some murakami items. although now it became a permanent line since it's such a huge hit when it first came out.
    i only had 1 alma white MC but i sold it, although i still have few smaller items llike wallet, cles etc. and using them all the time
  3. my dad bought me the white Pochette Accessoires in 2004. now i have the white Trouville, Shirley and Wapity. i know i'll still use them :yes:
  4. White Mc Speedy and Blk Mc alma 2003.
  5. My MC pieces:
    Black Speedy
    Black Sologne
    Black Pochette
    Black PTI wallet
    White Speedy
    White Alma
    White Pochette
    White Carnet de Bal (address book)
    White Cles

    And I still use them ALL! This was the first line that really got me *into* LV since my mom had always had it but there weren't any styles that I really liked then.
  6. I do but I usually switch purses.
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