LV Multicolore

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  1. Do you think this line is a classic or trend?
  2. it's more of a trendy line, simply because of the colors, but it'll be around for a long time, because it has become part of the permanent collection. so people will still be buying it in the future.
  3. I think the bags are trendy, but the accessories can be classic because the LVs are mini. I saw a ton of the MC purses in the Valley Fair mall in Santa Clara. I just love them!
  4. This question comes up every so often.:lol: My answer remains the same: I don't think MC will stand the test of time like mono or damier bags have but it's a fun line and will be around for a while.:smile:
  5. I love this line but I just haven't seen many people wearing this line lately. I just don't want to look "out"
  6. I agree, I love the larger bags but I don't see myself purchasing one. I do own a handfull of the smaller items and I can see using them for many years to come. I don't think the MC is overly trendy, but it's not nearly as classic as mono can., damier, verni, or epi in my opinion...
  7. I never grew to "like" this line.
    I even had a Mini HL and gave it to my b/f's daughter.
    The only MC items I have are my black MC belt (which is usually hiden by my tops) and my black MC Bandeau (which I have yet to use).

    I really want to get those smashing black Highheeled MC Mules I've spotted on ebay (older style with the s lock)...those are hot!

    Oh yeah...I also have the white MC Belt (thinner version) which I completely forgot about as I've never even worn...LOL...I think it'll take a trip to ebay pretty soon :lol:
  8. Like I said with the Chanel Cambons, it's trendy, but it's been out awhile already and hasn't been cast aside for something else really fast. So it's a longer lasting trend.
  9. Like the rest of y'all, I agree that Monogram Multicolore is more of a trendy line, but I think it will be the most classic of all trends (if that makes sense).
  10. ^^ Yes...makes sense.
    But don't you think that the Denim will be the most classic of all trends?
    I don't know...but if you look back in time...most designers have dabbed into denim and the denim lines have always remain popular.

    I specially like LV's Denim line, not only b/c I think that jeans are the new every "ocassion" wardrobe (except job interviews), but b/c LV's Denim looks the best comparing to the other Designer Denim line out there. JMHO
  11. I've loved the MC ever since it came out, specially the white! My fav of the line is the speedy and alma. I don't think its out of date if one was to wear one.

    It is trendy in a good way and of course its not as popular (I don't think it will ever be) as popular as the brown mono, as it caters to the younger/hip consumer. The older 65+ individuals prefer traditional brown mono. I really haven't seen older people with MC.
  12. I bought the white MC alma bag in May and I'm wondering--how long can I carry this bag this year? Would you say Labor Day? Do those old rules still apply concerning white bags? I think I would feel weird carrying it in the winter.
  13. That whole Labor Day rule is out the window :lol:
    There aren't any "rules" anymore..carry what you like, when you want to. I carry mine all year round..I love the pop of color in the winter.
  14. Hehe- I'm not really a fan, the only bag I want- which I actually really want- is the Eye Dare You travel bag: but to get one now costs about the same as a Suhali L'Extravagant, which is exactly the same style but in of course in leather. :love:
    Eye Dare You Travel 1.jpg White L'Extravagant.jpg
  15. ValleyOppressed, i agree, that eye dare you bag is soooo hot!

    i feel the bigger mc bags is less endearing than the small items with mini mc lv.