LV multicolore trouville or speedy?

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  1. hola ladies :]
    i'm a newbie here, so i thought i'd test the waters out by asking for your help :heart:
    like my headline reads...

    the multicolore trouville or speedy? i absolutely love both!
    though obviously, the trouville would be the better price. and mind you, i already have the monogram speedy. but, im curious as to which the majority of you prefer, bc it's driving me up the wall! i def wouldn't mind having 2 speedys, bc i love the bag to death!

    it would be my first real multicolore (besides the wapity), and i'm uber excited :yahoo:
  2. I'll move this to our LV Forum for you:yes:
  3. speedy:heart:
  4. I see more MC Speedy's than i do the Trouville and I think the Trouville would keep it's shape more through the years. I would choose the Trouville. Good Luck :smile:
  5. Trouville.
  6. Trouville! You already have a Speedy, plus the Trouville is sooo cute IRL, much better than in pics! I have it in black, its my HG:heart:
  7. THANK YOU MISS. MAMA :P i'm truly a newb.
  8. speedy
  9. Speedy! From what I've read here some cons on the trouville:

    - zipper is really stiff and scratches you getting in and out of the bag
    - doesn't fit on the crook of your arm
    - appoximately the size of the speedy 25 (kinda small for some people)

    The mc speedy is so different than the monogram one. The hardware is gorgeous!
  10. speedy without a doubt!
  11. Speedy though it is heavier... I first bought the speedy in 2004 and returned it for the trouville bcos I preferred shape of the trouville. Though I love my trouville MC but find that I cannot fit much into it. It has been sitting in my wardrobe for quite sometime :smile:..if you don't carry much than I guess trouville is good..
  12. Speedy ~ a lot roomier than the Trouville!
  13. Trouville DOES fit on the crook of the arm! That is a myth lol:P I need to take a pic to show everyone...
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  14. Speedy. Trouville handles are too small
  15. Trouville!