LV Multicolor belt problems! Anyone got them too??

  1. I have a black multicolore belt that is literally on its last leg! It isnt very old and I was under the impression that LV wasn't supposed to literally fall apart if taken care of decently.
    Mine has five places where this has happened. Three are small, an inch or so, but two are larger than a three inch expanse. It is just around the top of the belt. It's like the reddish brown rubber edging around the belt came unglued from holding the canvas to the leather.
    I've called LV. If I can't make it to the nearest boutique soon I will ship it in for repairs but I was just curious to see if anyone else had this problem.
    I love it tho and don't regret the purchase. It matches the shoes way too good to regret it!! lol

    Anyone had any trouble with the canvas of belts seperating from the leather?
    Surely there is a warranty against this kinda stuff when you purchase a $500 belt??? :hysteric:

    Here's some detail photos. Sorry my cam phone sucks! Palm doesnt have a flash and the lighting is bad in here but maybe you can see the areas where it is cracked and broken.
  2. I've never had that happen but I think my mom's MC wallet is doing that a bit (she's pretty hard on her stuff). I'd take it back to the store to see if they'd be able to reglue it.
  3. :wtf: omg that's horrible I am sorry you have to deal with that!
  4. I figured it will cost me big bucks, but it's better than buying a new one I guess. What is her wallet doing exactly? Is it a PTI?
  5. Thanks Lisa G- You have a French bulldog?? Cute,cute! I love doggies.
  6. Wow!

    You should go back to LV and see what they can do for you.
  7. I'm so sorry that this is happening to you. :sad:

    Take it back to the LV Boutique and see what they can do. :yes:

    By the way, LOVE your Black MC Collection in the background! :love:
  8. The Multicolore canvas should be stitched together with the leather. Was yours just glued?
  9. It looks like the canvas was originally glued down to the leather backing then sealed with whatever that reddish brown stuff is on the edges of all vachetta that LV uses. So no, no stitching that is visible to the eye on this particular type of belt. The metal buckle is screwed on and so is the metal end piece on the other end, no stitching at all visible.
    Here is an eBay auction with better quality pics and you can see the red glue stuff trimming the edges. (Sorry if these are your photos- I'm "borrowing" them, not technically swiping them! :shame: )
    eBay: 100% AUTH LOUIS VUITTON MURAKAMI MULTICOLOR BLACK BELT! (item 230045174858 end time Mar-29-07 10:19:38 PDT)
    Looks like the other slimmer version of the LV multi belt has stitching all over tho as well as the newest version of this particular wider belt that has a cut out LV on the buckle instead of engraving on So that is obviously the belt to buy! lol
    eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - null
    Louis Vuitton: French fashion designer

    Apparently LV upgraded how the multi belts were made. Maybe cause they come apart when used? lol
    The date code is LB 0033 so it is older but well loved.
  10. I'd take it to the store and see what they can do!
  11. Hmm... I thought MC belts were supposed to be stitched with the leather, and then finished with glazing on the edges. :s

  12. I do and he is such a cutie! :love: Thanks for noticing! :p
  13. Well the actual stitching is fine but some of the reddish orange glue stuff is coming up. And yeah it's the PTI.
  14. Okay so I said in March I was sending this for repair to LV. Didn't go til this past week. Woops. lol
    It's a 150 mile trip one way, and I finally was in town near LV so I dropped the belt by last week. They told me there was probably nothing they could do and I insisted they keep it and send it off anyway if possible. It was literally on it's last leg cause I've continued to wear it even being beaten down.

    GREAT NEWS! They just called me to tell me there was a product recall for this particular style and told me I could pick up my brand new replacement belt while I'm back in town tomorrow! YAY!
    Brand new. I'm gonna treat this one much better! lol
    They woulda shipped it free of charge, but I was going to be making the drive to pick someone up at the airport anyway.
  15. Yes, I had the same problem with both my black MC and white MC belts. They agreed to replace them for alternative black and white MC ones which weren't glued together !!