LV Multicolor bag (with ribbon detail?)

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  1. Hi, I'm just wondering if LV has a bag in multicolour that has a ribbon detail on it, just like the one in the picture on the left. Is that a bag or something else? I can't seem to find it on elux. Thanks.

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  2. That particular bag, and the line in general, will be hard to find. I believe it is from the Spring 2003 line and out of production. It appears to be the Eye Love You collection from Takashi Murakami. I hope I'm not wrong, but I'm pretty sure one of the other bloggers will know if this is not right!
  3. That's correct, there are several other bags in that line, which were produced as a part of the eye-love collection which are not permanent. I believe one of the posters in the collections posts has an eye love you bag, it's awesome !

    They were produced in very limited quantities, and being seen on the arms of celebrities probably didn't help with that !
  4. I have the Eye Need You bag (it's a little larger). I :love: IT!!!
    In the pic of the ad you posted you can only see the corner of it (it's all the way on the right).
  5. wow! that's really beautiful!!! thanks for sharing! I just love that ribbon detail! It's so sweet!
  6. Very, very pretty, LV Addict!!!! Thanks for posting pics!!!
  7. LV addict your bag is beautiful and another one of my dream pieces. Thanks for showing it to us.:biggrin: V
  8. Thank you so much, ladies! It is one of my ALL time favorite Vuitton pieces!!!:love:
    I was on a hunt for it after I saw Victoria Beckham carrying hers!!!:lol:
  9. That bag is beautiful. Thanks for posting it.