LV Multi color keepall discoloration??

  1. Any ideas why this happend to my bag? I purchased my white multi color keepall 3 years ago, and now the pockets have this werid stain discoloration in the backround. My friend has this same bag and hers pockets also have this funky discoloration to it. Any ideas, please see my pic.
  2. eek! I am sorry to hear that, have you try to ask the store or 866? Hope there's a solution for it, good luck! :flowers:
  3. hi, I took it my local LV store in San Francisco and they don't know why it happened but they can replace the pockets for $675. not sure if its worth it:sad:
  4. *ouch* I would be so super upset if my bag did that. Well, I already am since the 2 sides of my mini HL look like that yellowish color. I think it was a known defect or something of that sort. If you search, there are threads on it. I don't know if it applies to all MC products that were first produced but I know that it was a problem with the mini HL's.
  5. have they consider the possiblility of defect? Damier speedy's lining had some bleeding (red lining stained contents) and LV replaced it w/o charge....I would not want to pay the price tag if it's a defect from LV.
  6. Eesh. I know this has happened to quite a few white mc pieces..$675 for those two pockets is a lot though.
  7. Eek I've never seen that happen, I have a few white MC pieces and nothing like that has happened to them before.
    But I do think $675 is quite pricey for pockets...
  8. Yes, we've had some threads about this problem. Afair (as far as I remember) the discoloration is due to the lining bleeding through the white canvas.
  9. Mine did the same thing! I purchased mine in 2003
  10. whoa!! sorry to hear that!! maybe take it back to lv?? 675 is alot for the pockets to be replaced!! i hope you find a way to fix it!!
  11. OMG! so sorry! I would defo take it back to a different boutique! It must be a defect! 675 is ridiculous for pockets!
  12. Could you possibly phone another boutique to ask if it's a defect ? It's really unusual that it happened to both your and your friend's bag, and if it is a defect, there shouldn't be a cost attached at all !!
  13. SO WEIRD! every white mc keepall i see on eBay has this problem! i dont get it, my black one is PERFECT! I was just going to private message u and display my love and affection towards your bag! omg, its so GORGEOUS.

    I still want the white one!!!
  14. Its a known issue with the mc bags, more so the white. I beleive its from the raspberry lining bleeding into the canvas.
    I had some on my mc speedy and if you use a magic ereaser on it (GENTLY) it will lighten up. DO NOT RUB HARD other wise you can rub the logos off. Before doing that i'd go to the lv store/or call and ask them about it.

  15. i see the beginnings of COLOR TRANSFER! eeeeeeeek!