LV Multi color Berlingot....

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    Anyone have this?? It's so cute!!! Do use it for coins or for keys??
  2. I was offered this last year when it just came out, but decided against buying it cuz....well...besides being able to carry keys, you can barely stuff anything in there. It's not as versatile as the Cles in my opinion because right now, I can put in 2-3 cards, a whole lot of change, and 4 keys, whereas the's just about keys and some coins.... If you don't mind about carrying CC cards, then sure, go ahead and buy it, but lemme fore-warn you, that it won't fit your bag (especially small ones) very well due to it's.....extravagant shape lol....
  3. I've eyed this down just cause it's so damn cute (it looks like one of those ice popsicles !) BUT it seems like it'd be kind of annoying to use because of the shape. But hey, awesome bag charm !
  4. It'd pretty much only work as a bag charm. I thought it was cute when it came out because I like the teeny LV print. But it's just such an awkward shape that it'd add extra bulk to my bag that I just don't need.
  5. I saw it on Sunday when I went to the LV store, but let me tell you it is soooo cute! I was going to buy it but then change my mind. It is small and you hardly put anything inside.
  6. I really think it's the cutest thing, but in terms of's such an odd shape, it'd be hard to fit it on or in things...I couldn't justify getting it, b/c I don't know how I'd ever use it...oh, if only price didn't matter :-p
  7. I have this, it's cute but yea, what the guys above said... >.<

    Still, it did look cool hanging off my Speedy. :P
  8. mmmmm... a Multicolore Pushpop... :lol:
  9. I think it would look so cute like a mini papillion. Or a a more equal portioned. :smile:
  10. The Berlingot is cute, and I did think about buying one in black, but I decided against it because I had no idea what I would use it for!
  11. lol!! my thoughts exactly!! :lol:
  12. It reminds me of the kool aid (the actual juice not the powdeR) packages.
    I don't know why.
  13. I was looking at these also. I think it's really cute because of the odd shape and like someone said Tiny LV's, I would love it as a bag charm.
  14. I love the mini LVs!
  15. I think it is super cute!! and great if you're gonna use it for keys and change, but if you want something more practical and go with the cles like the other said, so you can but cards in it too =)