LV more disposable than Balenciaga?

  1. Is it just me? DH and I are going to a movie tonight (Smokin' Aces - I :heart: Ben Affleck) so I changed purses. Took everything out of my black city and am carrying my LV speedy. I would rather risk a mishap with the LV than the Balenciaga! Anybody else? ;)
  2. I would not say that LV is more disposable than Balenciaga. Any bag over $100 -- let alone over $500+ -- I would not consider disposable. However, if you mean that its less likely to cause you stress if something happened to it, then no. If my LV suitcase got ruined, I would be peeved as much as if my Balenciaga Extra Courier got ruined.
  3. mm... perhaps you changed because you felt that your speedy was less likely to get ruined? A splash of say soda on the coated canvas can be easily cleaned, but the same accident to the vachetta or a bbag would be devastating!
  4. hey i'm just like u... I take my speedy out when i goto lounges, pubs and such... i'm not as scared of getting it dirty or spill anything on it. As for bbags, I'm more careful with them.
  5. Yeah, Balenciagas seem pretty fragile... I wouldn't consider LV more disposable though. If I were to go camping or some place where there is a potential of my bag getting ruined, I wouldn't bring a designer purse at all. Who would I be impressing, wild bears? I mean, I would bring my Guess backpack. It's sharp, looks just like Prada if you don't look carefully :smile: And for $25, who cares if anything happens to it?
  6. I wouldn't consider an LV more disposable. But because they are made with coated canvas vs. harder-to-clean leather, they would be less likely to get ruined in the event of a cola or popcorn accident.
  7. He he he...that reminds me of Jessica Simpson carrying her $1800 MC Speedy when they went camping...:rolleyes:
  8. I hate to say this, but I think that Bbags wear much faster than LV bags...the corners seem to wear fast and colors fade or turn yellow, handles darken.

    On LV bags when the patina changes they look nicer, and the handles never get that dark because of the quality of the leather. I always had to baby my Bbags with special handling for fear of wear. My LV can get tossed into the car or whatever and I dont worry.

    I dont consider any pricey bags disposable, but LV lasts longer. jmho.
  9. ITA with the others and I would be a little less upset too if I spilled something on LV canvas as opposed to B leather, kwim ??
  10. well, she can afford to replace it, I guess :shrugs:
  11. Lv is very durabale in my opinion (damier and mono that is) and the idea that it can be repaired anytime at any LV boutique gives you a feeling of security that whatever happens to the bag you can have it repaired... balenciaga does not have this service :sad: i love my bbags but if im going some place where it gets dirty my taking my Lv, goyard (it can be cleaned with soap and water) or better else a longchamp le pliage bag
  12. I was looking to get a second hand Speedy, just for that fact that I could throw it around a bit more and it wouldnt get damaged as easy... they look a lot more tougher than our beloved Bal bags

    And also because the dark handles actually look nice...
  13. i think LV seems more durable....but then again i have over 10 LV bags but since I got into b-bags my LVs haven't seen the light of day
  14. LV coated canvas is definitely more durable - that's what it was designed for. Its meant to take a beating and last forever. I think that the darker Balenciaga bags do take a large amount of beating and tend to look better with age - they aren't meant to withstand torture the way the LV canvas is.

    However, the LV vernis is another story - those fade and discolor terribly, too. I think its just one of the factors of colored leather.
  15. I'm back from the movie (very violent - not sure I recommend) but I think that durable is the word I was looking for rather than disposable. Happy to report my LV came through w/o a scratch! :yes: