LV Monograms made in USA

  1. Hi everyone, first post...anyhow, what's up with all the monogram items made in the USA now? I want to buy a bagtiniolles (sp?) horiztonal for my mom for her b-day but all I can find are ones made in USA. I even had the LV @ Union Square in SF check ALL the bags for me. All USA. I went to the LV in Neiman Marcus, same story. Anyone know where I can find a made in France bagtiniolles horizontal in the Bay area? Thanks!!
  2. I doubt it. May be in Asia. Even in Paris, the BH are made in Spain now.
  3. On the more "common" bags- it's pretty hard to find a Made in France one. If you know yr SA very well, they made hold one for you, if they can find one.

    Good luck finding one!
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    LV start making the bag in USA when it get popular. Why don't you try to give 1866 vuitton a call, may be they can locate you to the store that have Made in France.
  5. Made in France Speedys are getting rare in the US now since there is a factory in San Dimas, it's just more cost efficient to send those bags to stores in the US. Like bagsnbags said, try calling 866-VUITTON and see if they can locate one for you. Good luck, and welcome to tPF!:flowers:
  6. Thanks for the info guy (gals?). I think I might have to go to plan B and get one of the few monogram mini's left.
  7. Yeah I got my BH shortly after it came out and mine was made in the U.S. as well.
    Good luck though..and welcome to the forum :smile:
  8. Or you can wait when you go out of the country and buy a made in France one from one of the airports. Duty free too!
  9. Is there a difference between a "made in USA" and "made in France" bag?
  10. ^^^Nope. One just says made in the USA and the other says made in France. It makes a difference to some people where the bag was made though.
  11. It's very rare to find a BH or any common mono bags that's made in France or even Spain. Believe me, I looked. It doesn't bother me where it's made. It doesn't affect the beauty of the bag. Goodluck on you search. Welcome to the forum :biggrin:
  12. Thanks again guys. Unfortunately, it matters to my mom where it's made...actually, it matters to me as well. It's all part of the appeal. Anyhow, it seems like I'm not going to be able to find a BH made in France...I do have the new Lockit Horizontal prepaid, since according to the LV in SF, the first shippments are usually made in France, but that might be too late (i need it by the end of July). Sigh...what to do.
  13. I bought a BH in France and even then it wasn't made in France, it was made in Spain. It may be a little difficult to track down.
  14. Yeah, the speedy I just got last week is also made in USA but it doesn't make any different to me. LV is a quality brand, I'm sure that they trust whoever's making their bags =)
  15. It's hopeless.