LV Monogram Wallet or Bag?

  1. Hi Everyone, I currently have a damier speedy 30, LV croissant MM, lv sonataine and the Beverly. For my birthday my brother contributed to my purchase of the LV Monogram Canvas Wallet with Zip Pocket. It is beautiful But it cost about $500. I haven't used it and it's still in the box. I am debating exchanging the wallet for a Mono Mini Lin Speedy or Tulum PM. I REALLY want both these bags? Would you spend that much on a wallet? Should I keep it and love it or should I exchange it for a bag? Thanks!!
  2. I think you should exchange the wallet for another wallet that you definitely like and will use.
  3. I agree, exchange it for a bag that you like. I honestly think LV wallets are too pricey, I would rather get a speedy or pochette. I use my Coach, Lodis, and Lovcat wallets. I'm not always matchy matchy w/ my bags and wallets even though I think that adds a nice touch. :smile:
  4. I would get a bag. I could never stand to spend as much as a bag on a wallet!
  5. gosh this is for me i'm the matchy type so i would keep the wallet because the prices just keep going up. but...i have the tulum gm and it is gorgeous and i don't see many people with it. the mono mini lin speedy is really pretty too, i love the mono lin line, it is so lightweight. sorry if i'm making it harder for you to decide, how about eeny meeny miney mo?
  6. Thanks, everyone. What is LV return policy? I think I may have had this wallet for slightly over a month. I NEVER used it. It's been in the box the whole time. I also need to look for the receipt. Everything is a mess right now b/c I just moved. Has anyone returned without a receipt? I don't know why it took me so long to decide this? I just can't stick to a decision lately with LV. I also bought an LV BH bag two months ago that I am not in love with. IT is too structured - seems like it's better suited for work and I want a bag for work and play! Now it's up on eBay!
  7. If you are not going to use the wallet I say return it.

    Get the Mini Lin

  8. You know, the LV wallets are soooo pricey, but I just love taking my pomme zippy out of my LV bag. Since you already have some gorgeous bags, I say keep the wallet and enjoy it. I'm not the type to have lots of wallets. I have only one and I rotate it among my bags. It was a birthday gift, so you don't have to feel guilty about spending so much money.
  9. The Tulum PM is beautiful.
  10. I love LV wallets so I would exchange it for another wallet......perhaps a Vernis one. If you really don't care for an LV wallet then you should exchange for a bag. Good luck with your decision.
  11. I would exchange it for a bag. You can always get a burberry or coach wallet.
  12. I have a LV Monogram Pochette Wallet. It costed almost the same as the Speedy 25. Its my first LV wallet, I love how it matches, and its quality made. I'm very happy with my wallet. I know its the same price as a purse, but it makes me so happy to have a LV wallet. Another favorite, the bill compartment is lenghtwise. :smile:
  13. If you really would rather have a bag I would exchange it...
  14. I own and love the tulum pm:tup::tup::tup:..want mini lin too...

    the groom pouchette wallet was $$$ but,it is gorgeoua and limited..I am soooo happy with it:tup::tup::tup:
  15. It's a tough decision. Try putting your things in the wallet and opening and closing it a few times. You might be surprized by how great it is. Just think how your brother would smile if he saw you pulling it out of your bag.