LV Monogram Trouville or Alma?

  1. Can't decide on which one to purchase. Please someone give me some suggestions:

  2. i prefer the Trouville. it's not as common as the Alma, and the shape of the Alma irritates me. plus the Alma is also faked quite a lot :yucky:
  3. I vote trouville!!!!
  4. I love my trouville!
  5. The trouville is fabulous! Plus the Alma reminds me of a purse that D& B puts out...No offense to Alma lovers it is just my opinion
  6. I love them both, hard choice.....
  7. In Monogram I prefer the Alma. I think the Trouville looks a makeup case in monogram. (Is that what it is or based on??)

    Now in Multicolor I prefer the Trouville over the Alma.
  8. Trouville over the Alma.
  9. I like the Trouville, but like Virgo said, I think it looks better in Multicolore.
  10. Alma is easier to use, Trouville is hard to open enough to find things inside & the zipper always scratches my hand. alma opens nice & wide & the bottom being wider offers a good view of the contents. Trouville always reminds me of a makeup bag, being a smaller version of Deauville & having the interior made for cosmetics & bottles.
  11. Yup the trouville is based off of Deauville makeup case
  12. I was undecided between Trouville and Alma too. I went to the store thinking I will come out with Trouville, but when I tried it on, I ended up liking how the Alma looked on me. I thought it was more classy versus the Trouville. So it is really up to you. I say go to the store 2 or 3 times with different outfits and try both bags and see which one you prefer! Good luck!
  13. Trouville!! I'm not a huge fan of the Alma in Mono, I don't mind it in epi though.
  14. Alma for the win.. I think the shape of the mono trouville is a little deflated looking, sorry !
  15. Trouville is younger looking to me.
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