LV Monogram Speedy

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  1. Hi to all the bag lovers here! I am pretty new to the forum and just recently become so passionately in love with bags. Those babies are so gorgeous and you just can't live without them! :love: I got my first Speedy 30 this Dec and I am luvin it. However I have no idea how to care for this baby so I wish someone can give me some advice on taking care the LV bags or just bags in general. Also are the LVs not waterproof?????:weird:
  2. Congrats on your new acquisition! :biggrin: I found these pages very helpful:

    I'd recommend a leather protectant for the handles of your Speedy, so that it'll develop a nice, even patina rather than the chocolate brown that results from absorbing the oils in your hand. (Unless you like the chocolate brown patina, of course!)

    I've used Wilson's Suede and Leather Protectant for my Coach bags and it worked quite well, but I hear that Shining Monkey works wonders. While I can't give you my personal review of it yet - I just ordered a can a few days ago - I think there are other members here who would vouch for it. You can order it from here:

    Unfortunately, Monogram isn't ideal for rainy days because the vachetta leather is so vulnerable to moisture (and dirt). There's really no way to clean it once it's marred...just hope that the patina will camouflage the stain well. At least if it gets really bad you can get the handles replaced for $175. ;)

    Damier Canvas is water resistant, and resistant to the elements in general (e.g. it won't oxidize) but the chocolate brown leather trim is prone to scratches.

    I don't own any Epi, Vernis, or other pieces (yet!) so I'm not sure how those fare.
  3. Would you the protectant on brand new vachetta or wait til it starts aging a bit? I just got a new LV and want to make sure the handles aren't uneven either.
  4. The link that I posted recommends that you allow the leather to oxidize for a while before setting it out in the sun for it to turn. Check out the'll tell you the lengths that LV fanatics in Japan go to in order to ensure a perfect patina. Pretty interesting! But it sounds like it means not being able to use your bag for months, even a year.
  5. Thanks Yahoooooo for the advice! I didn't even know you can replace the handles! So cool! I feel so bad for my bag cux the handles are already getting 2 little markings....I think I should do something to protect it.Thanks!
  6. You're very welcome! Glad I could help out a fellow LV noob! :biggrin:

    I just found out a few days ago too! This forum is really helpful.

    Tell me about it....I got my first LV recently also, over the holidays actually, and stupidly took it all around Hawaii (rainy part of the island included in the tour! :Push: ).
  7. I just found out a few days ago too! This forum is really helpful.

    Tell me about it....I got my first LV recently also, over the holidays actually, and stupidly took it all around Hawaii (rainy part of the island included in the tour! :Push: ).[/quote]

    Yes! This forum is just awesome it is addicting too :lol: .
    I still haven't protect the handles yet but I think I will/ should soon. Before this forum I had no idea there are ways to take care of a handbag...:wacko: Now that I know I should take better care of those So happy for your new LV bag too! You must enjoy it quite alot! Sometimes I feel like a purchase is just so well worth it if you able to carry/use/wear it over 3 times or more, because it mean you really enjoying it!
  8. Yup, they are so very worth the purchase! They're so versatile and durable that they can be used nearly every day....I'm trying to amortize the $800 that my lovely sister shelled out for it (as my Xmas present) by taking it with me pretty much anywhere! Plus I think it's so cool that they're timeless and don't depreciate..they're actually investments....if you keep the bag in good condition then you can sell it a decade later and will probably get a little profit back. You can't do that with most other bags, like Coach.

    Ooh...another tip about caring for LV Mono... I've read that you're supposed to very gently wipe down the canvas with a damp cloth once in a while because dust settles in the crevices and makes the material lose its sheen after a few years. I think that's very important because you can definitely get the leather bits replaced, but am not sure if you could get the canvas replaced.... because wouldn't that just mean buying a whole new bag..? :weird:

    Anyway, I hope you'll find a suitable solution soon for your Speedy! A member here named Mel suggested taking around a scarf to wrap around the handles.... I think that could actually look cute and would be a great temporary solution.
  9. I am thinking of getting those leather protectant soon! Then I will also start spraying on other bags too:biggrin: as for the handle I think I will just carry it with my arm instead of holding it till I get it protected.
  10. Great choice on the LV speedy 30, I love mine too :biggrin: