LV monogram SHAWL question

  1. Hey everyone! I'm thinking of getting a shawl, either for myself or as a gift (or maybe just get 2 lol).
    My first question is do you know if the shawls available right now are seasonal or part of the permanent collection??????
    Lastly, my second question is what's the difference between the denim shawl and regular monogram shawl? Denim is a bit more expensive which I know, but I dont' really see much of a difference (except for color) in terms of how they're made........:confused1: Both are the same size and same material according to LV's France site....

    Alright, thanks! :p
  2. bump! Anyone???? :sos:
  3. i want to get the monogram shawl in black!! I sure hope it's permanent!!! it'll be my last item to purchase before i go on a ban!
  4. i think they've been available for a while, so i'm almost certain they're permanent... i don't know the difference between the mono and the denim, aside from the color, maybe the denim's limited? just speculating on the higher price... i'd love a black mono shawl! my cousin's wedding is coming up, so i think it would look amazing!
  5. Thanks for the feedback! btw, I hope you'll get one by the time your cousin's wedding comes along! I wish her the best! :biggrin:
  6. thanks! :smile:
  7. These are always available at LV. I just want to warn you, all of the ones I looked at in store had pulls or runs in them because of the weave, they are very fragile.
  8. :wtf: :hysteric: :cursing: :crybaby: VERY fragile??? What about others here who own the shawl? is this true?!?!? ***heartbroken***
  9. i think sandra (yeuxhonnettes <~~~sp??) has one, maybe you could ask her?
  10. They do seem to be the "pulling" kind- the silk composistion makes it less durable than cashmere or wool.
  11. I have a monogram shawl in black. It's great, very versatile. However, you do have to be a bit careful, as it can pull or catch on sharp corners (even a rough nail!). I don't baby mine, and have worn it out during the day. It still looks great (no pulls or runs), even though I get dog hairs in mine every now and then (it's summer and the dog's shedding like crazy)!

    I'm thinking of getting another one (maybe beige?), but it's NZ$660 each!
  12. are the ones you saw the monogram or the denim? from pics seems like the denim is a lot thinner than monogram.

  13. Ah! thank you!!! I want to get a black one's the only LV accessory so far that bf has approved of and is giving me two thumbs up to purchase.
  14. Yeah I returned one I got a week later and when we went through the drawer, my SA had to pull out most of them because they had runs before they even left the store. I stuck with my solid pashminas I got on eBay for $20-30 each in tons of colors!
  15. So i'm assuming you're saying that although it has the tendency to pull, it's still worth it cuz you wanna get another one??? lol woohoo! not all hope is lost:yahoo: