LV Monogram Shawl Colors - which one?

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  1. I'm interested in a monogram shawl, but not sure what color to get. Considering verone, dune or beige, but it's hard to tell online. Unfortunately the closest store is about 2 hours away. Does anyone have any comparison pictures or can you describe the difference? Thanks!
  2. Between these three coloris Verone is the darkest, it's a beige almost light grey, beige is beige, nothing special to tell about it, Dune is the lightest one.
    My fav is Verone ! i own it :smile: it's the most stunning to me
  3. Verone for sure!
  4. I Agree with Verone. However, it really comes down to your skin tone. Verone worked for me. Dune washed me out, though it's lovely. I would assume the same would happen with Verone for certain skin tones. Always go with makes you sparkle versus what people on a forum think is best or what they bought ;)
  5. Totally agree. I can't go with pale colours due to having pale skin so it really washes me out. Definitely try them and see what suits you best, not what worked well for others. Good luck, looking forward to a reveal!
  6. All colors are beautiful but Verone is my personal favorite out of these three. Good luck deciding!
  7. I have the verone, but as much as I like the color, I have to admit that it doesn't really work well with my skin tone. My skin is _really_ pale and cool, almost light pink, and the color totally washes me out unless I wear a ton of bright blush :biggrin: Anyway, I would recommend the verone if it suits your skin tone, to me it is the most beautiful color of those three.
  8. I can't wear Verone, but love it on others.
  9. verona
  10. IMO. ..verone is more cool with a Grey color and dune is warmer with more of a tan color.