LV Monogram Riverting Bag Price?

  1. Does anyone know the price of the monogram riverting bag please? Thanks.
  2. I think it's about $1,940
  3. How about the leather ones? $3,300? Are they still in the stores?
  4. Thanks.
  5. Thanks. I will have to start saving to buy one before they disappear.
  6. My monogram riveting bag was 1950+ tax. I think it was 1820.00 in Hawaii. I hope you find one!!
  7. :yes: Yup, the Monogram Riveting Handbag is $1950US before tax.
  8. yep 1950 mono and 3300 in the lambskin! act fast! I would!
  9. I think the pochette is like $900AUS...I THINK they still have them at the store here:smile: