LV Monogram Olympe

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I saw the Monogram Olympe Status GM collection on eluxury the other day, seeing the limited edition on it without tax ..I clicked and ordered one from the website ..
    Anyone who have use Monogram Olympe, do you like it ? is it easy to use ?
    I still have not received mine yet.


  2. Quite a few members on here have bags from this collection. I hope they see this thread and chime in.:smile:
  3. I don't own this bag but I would love to. The stratus GM is my dream bag. Congrats!
  4. Love it, very easy to use. There are some great threads on this subject in the LV reference section of the forum, you can read up on these lovely bags in there! HTH :smile:
  5. I found the one on the eLux is PM, since the GM will be $3,xxx ..however, the size posted is GM..

    Ps. I have the bag, really loveeeeee it!!