LV monogram neverfull mm or gm (for uni)?

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  1. i use gm for uni. it's perfect. mm wouldn't be able to fit all my stuff.
  2. 150cm is like 4'11? I think the GM would be overwhelming!
  3. 150cm is on the shorter side, so GM may look huge on her.
    MM is the safer choice. Or even take her to LV to try them on, it would be so exciting for her!
  4. thats such the sweetest thing to do for ur sister!!! im actually thinkin of gettin the same one for my sis as a graduation gift.. but back to ur ques, i think MM is a good size for her.. good luck!
  5. I did not think there was a big difference between the MM and GM for me personally. I got the GM because I could use it for so many other ways than just a purse (which I do use it everyday as well) but now its a bag for many occasions and I have no regrets at all.
  6. i agree!!!! lol

  7. So does that mean you would recommend me to buy the GM?
  8. haha :P same goes to you... well i hope she likes it tho. coz i bought a gucci bag for my mom but she didnt like it, which was quite dissapointing.
  9. I want to give her a surprise :P so hehe.. might not bring her there
  10. hehe i thought so too.. will see how it goes. she keeps on telling me the students in the uni using lv, gucci, prada, u name it.. kinda sick of it
  11. Im 176cm and using my mono mm in uni, it is the perfect size.
  12. Gm
  13. I'd say at least the MM, but the GM would probably be better...
  14. I had the MM and thought it was great but I'd say GM for her
  15. GM size