LV monogram neverfull mm or gm (for uni)?

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  1. Hey boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen,

    I've got a question. My sis has been working really hard for the family and I thought I might as well get her a LV mongrom neverfull for her since she does not have any handbag at all. I am just wondering if you were me, would you get her the neverfull mm or gm for uni and/or daily use? Your suggestions are much appreciated. Thank you very much.

  2. How tall is she? The GM is a big bag. If it's also gonna be for daily use, I say go for the MM.
  3. Umm.. She is about 150cm and a bit meaty, about 70-80 kgs.
  4. I say MM is a safe size but I have a GM and use her on almost any occasion. I would rather err on the biggest size :smile:
  5. Yes, go for the GM. Especially for University, in case she needs to carry a bit extra one day, she will have the space. Otherwise, just clinch the sides in of the GM for daily use. If you go for the MM, it's ok but space wise is restrictive.
  6. The MM is a good size.
  7. Probably GM would be better for uni.
    There are days where we need to carry heaps of books
  8. Definitely MM. For her height, GM is big. I have a GM Neverfull and I cannot carry heavy items in it. If I carry, I cannot wear the bag on my shoulders. The straps are way to thin and they are hurting.
  9. Yeah keep in mind once it gets too heavy, the straps may become uncomfortable for her.
  10. What about the totally MM? It's a bit more, but the thin straps on the Neverfull might be brutal. If she's big, the 8 inch drop on the Neverfull might also be too small for her if she's wearing a coat.

    Still, whatever you choose, what a fantastic and sweet gesture!
  11. I opt for MM considering her height.
  12. I would say the GM since you said she's meaty.
    Big bags do make you looks smaller (:
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    oh never mind.
  14. MM, I actually have both and use the GM one for vacation and the MM for everyday use. By the way good luck getting any right now.
  15. MM for sure, the GM is ridiculously big.