LV Monogram Mini Sac

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    Sorry if this has already been asked, but the search function isn't working for me.

    Anyway, my daughter has lately been a big fan of stealing Mommy's purses and toting them around, then throwing them on the ground. I want to get her her own little purse to wear that's her size (she's 18 months) and resistant to toddler-hood, so this canvas seems right. Plus, what's cuter than a tot carrying around an LV bag? Anyway, it's no longer available at eLuxury, any other ideas of where I could get it, or call to order it? Thanks!

    (It was written about here)
  2. have you tried :smile: or maybe your nearest LV store can go and order it for you :smile:
  3. I have a 4 yo and a 20 months old (both girls, both love mommy's bags).
    My guess is even if you do buy her this LV, she will always be back for *your* bags and a couple of months later (if not already) *your* sandels and boots...

    Enjoy your baby, they grow up sooo fast!
    It's probaly the reason why I resist buying them anything that is grownup-like...
  4. I actually just found it through Google. They have it in stock, but you can't get to it directly. Odd, but here it is, anyway, in case anyone else wants one:

    I suppose she might not like it, but she gets frustrated with my purses because (even when empty) they're just to heavy for her to carry. She tried wearing one as a necklace and fell over. :rolleyes:
  5. How about the mini mono pochette? It's cheaper and has the nice chain handle. That vachetta getting ruined!! LOL!!
  6. That's a clever idea. I haven't bought the mini yet, I'll look for the pochette.