LV Monogram Mini Lin Speedy 30

  1. This is my first thread =)

    I'm undecisive between choosing a Mini Lin Speedy in Ebene or Dune color. Ebene look too much like Monogram Canvas yet I feel it won't get as dirty as Dune. I have Mini Monogram Marie in Olive color and I'm pretty sure it's the same fabric and it does get kind of dirty. I also want to be unique too that's why I'm having a hard time deciding on the colors. Can you ladies help me decide?

  2. i think the dune is a lot prettier, however, i am also afraid of getting it dirty. tough choice, though.

    i say get the ebene if you worry about dirt and such. but personally, i prefer the dune.
  3. Speedy 30 in Mini Lin Dune. It's such a pretty color for spring and summer. It's more resistant to dirt than the older version of the Mono Lin.
  4. I like the Dune! The color is just so pretty. I just adore mine and I've only taken it out a very few number of times, but it's been fine so far! I'm just really careful with it is all.
  5. Ebene. Dune is pretty but I'm pretty rough with the bags. Besides Ebene is beautiful too!:yes:
  6. Thanks ladies for your quick input =) I really appreciate it! ChenChen, is it possible to post a picture of yourself holding your Mini Lin Dune bag? I looked at it online and it's just hard to tell. I saw someone carried the Ebene and it is very pretty =) But I really want to see the Dune. Is the monogram as obvious as the Ebene? Thanks ladies!
  7. I say Ebene! I have it and I LOVE it. It's really easy to take care of and I don't worry about it getting dirty
  8. Go for the Ebene! I would've gotten the Mini Lin Speedy but its too big for me. I wouldn't get the Dune because I'd be so afraid of using it and getting it dirty.
  9. 3 ladies said Dune, 3 ladies said Ebene. I'm back to square 1. lol. I admit Dune is prettier but Ebene is more practical. Maybe I should get both?
  10. I really like the dune because it is fresh looking.
  11. i just went to the LV store half an hour ago to look at the mini lin speedy in dune, bcs i really loved it in the internet....
    but i wasn't that enthousiastic anymore when i saw it in real, it's pretty and chiq yes, but you cannot place it anywhere without getting it dirty. there are no feets on the bottom of the bag, just the fabric.

    IMO it would have been MUCH better if they would have placed little hardware feets on the bag...then i would think about it again...but so unfortunately no :sad:
  12. Dune (but between mini lin dune speedy and Azur speedy, I chose Azur speedy.)
  13. Someone earlier in the week bought both and an ivorie epi. wow. I have the ebene and would love to have the dune, but would also be concerned about dirt. both would be very cool! I love the lightness and softness of the back, unlike a stiff bag.. very comfortable.
  14. Thanks Veronika! I think I'm leading towards Ebene now since my bags get pretty dirty =P And I love your LV Vernis collection! So pretty!