LV Monogram Mini Lin Diaper Bag *pic*

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  1. [​IMG]
    Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Lin Diaper Bag


    This canvas, calf leather-trimmed diaper bag is available in classic ebene, pale pink or baby blue. It includes a washable monogram-embroidered mat as well as an adjustable leather shoulder strap.

    For more information, visit
  2. this bag is so gorgeous. no kids yet for me, but I sure do love this bag.
  3. It's so cute!! But I won't be needing a diaper bag for at least a few more years.... It's adorable though!
  4. Here's something to put in that diaper bag. Brad and Angelina have one!!

    It's My Binky Diamond Pacifier


    Now this is a way to distinguish your baby's binky from the others. With 278 pave-cut white diamonds--that's three carats--and a white gold base, this is the crown jewel in designer Michelle Soudry's line of personalized pacifiers. Diamonds not enough? Add colored gems or have it engraved with your baby's initials and birth date.

    For more information, visit
  5. Adorable! Congrats!
  6. Holy crappola! Now those are some baby items that would stress me out when out in public.
  7. it looks great, but i'll prolly get it in ebene
  8. Holy crud! First of all, not a huge fan of pacifiers to begin with (but I'm sure that might change when I have a kid). I def wouldn't get one with diamonds on it.
  9. this bag is sooo pretty =] i love pink! no kids for me lol but i love the stayle of the bag.
  10. Gah...I am SOOO freakin tempted in buying one but my oldest is almost 3 and my youngest just turned 1 and we have a live in nanny so I dont knwo if I reeeeally need it as much as I need a

    gorgeous though! someone either talk me in or out of it!!
  11. :nuts::tup:

  12. Beautiful bag!
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