LV Monogram Klara

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  1. Hello people, I wonder if you can help me out.
    I live in a small town, so I can't really go check any LV retail.
    Do you know if LV Monogram Klara is sold out or not?

    You see, my sister is going to stop by Singapore on the way back here from home. So I am making a list of possible purses she should buy for me.. she's not there yet.. so she can't check either... *sob*


    I'll update you on my buy possibilities... =DD

    thanks again
  2. I don't believe it is, although I haven't really seen it around. If you know where in Singapore she is going to stop by, you may want to phone ahead or also phone [SIZE=-1]1-866-VUITTON to check for stock.
  3. thank you ayla =DDD i'll call them tommorow.. do you think they can hold it for me?? if it's not on eluxury, does it mean it's not in stock anywhere?

    what do you think about the bag anyways?? my bf said it's ugly.. but i saw it in person when i was traveling in las vegas, and it looked good.

    when my sis reminded me about it.. i'm having second thoughts about the dior flight shopper..
  4. I'm not sure if they'd hold it for you, but they can definately tell you if it is in stock. And eLuxury isn't really an accurate measure of what's in stock in stores, i.e. there are some discontinued items that are still in boutiques (such as older vernis colours) and elux would never show that.

    I think the bag is pretty cute, and it is about the size of a Speedy 25 so fairly roomy. I believe the prices in SG may be higher, even without taxes than in the US though - so just make sure your sister has a calculator handy !
  5. well let's not disclose that information to my mom who is paying =DDD
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    I think the klara is adorable. A girl in one of the online communicaties recently got it and has posted additional pictures here.

    Also if it's not on eluxury, it doesn't mean that it's not in stock anywhere, it's just not in stock on eluxury.

    Good luck!! btw I got your PM and I'm sorry =< Do you know what color it was?
  7. it was pink!!! omg!!!!!!! i almost slam my cell phone to the floor after i received the text msg.. lol
  8. btw.. do you have any other reccommendation for me??? what purse should i buy?? i'm still so lost...

    but looking at ur friend's post.. i so want it now =DD it looks so goood =DD should i buy the bigger one or the smaller one??