LV monogram groom scarf

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  1. I saw that scarf in the LIfe of an LV bag or LVs in action thread and it's absolutely gorgeous. where can i get one? elux doesn't offer it. thanks
  2. Call you local boutique or 866-VUITTON to ship you one- they charge tax and a flat $10 shipping fee :yes:
  3. Yup call 866 and they will locate it and even have it sent to your store or you! If they have one at your closest store they will put it on hold in your name even... Good luck I just bought one about 2 weeks ago in red and my store had yellow left
  4. how much is this scarf?

    what is the size...i want a skinny scarf...
  5. The skinny one is a bandeau its like 2.5 inches wide by maybe 24 inches long or more. It was $120
  6. what colors does it come in?

    do they make other prints in the bandeau?

    p.s. sorry for semi-highjacking this thread. :heart:!
  7. ^^The groom bandeau comes in red and yellow. I believe it retails for $105. The bandeau also comes in MC (permanent) and for S/S '07 (seasonal) it was released in the LVoe pattern and "etoile" (fleur pattern that comes in gray or pink). You can check them out at