LV Monogram Favorite PM

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  1. I'm thinking of buying the LV Favorite PM and wondering does anyone have one and do you use it very often? I have a Delightful PM that I love but there are times when I just want a lightweight small handbag large enough for my cell, small wallet and sunglasses. Is it comfortable? Any negatives?
  2. Just bought mine this july and had it exchanged to another one because of a scratch on the leather part and a thread coming out. It looks pretty. The strap is short but im okay with it. What im not okay is that it is such a high maintenance bag. I made a fuss on how to properly store it to keep it from creasing. Its pretty though. I feel like i look good when using it
  3. Have you considered a pochette accessories with a cross body strap? I recently got mine and I am so happy with it! Plus it has a zipper, which i prefer over the Favorite's magnetic closure. :tup:
  4. I just recently got the favorite pm in DE print and I've been loving it! I haven't been using any of my other LV lately because this is so easy and carefree. The pm is small though.. Which is perfect for me since I don't carry much. The strap is short but if you're on the shorter side I think you'll be fine. I recommend trying it on in store and seeing it for yourself!
  5. Do you keep your sunglasses in a case? If so, especially if it's a larger case like a Chanel case, you won't fit it in the pm. I have the mm and they won't fit with a wallet.
  6. When I bought my favorite pm I thought too how to put in my sunglasses. i decided to just put it in my front shirt when I go out, I put just my cles and my cellphone for now
  7. i have a favorite pm in monogram and love it! can be casual with the cross body strap and can be fancier with just the shorter chain strap. I'm 5 ft so the strap is the perfect length. My sunglasses don't fit but all my other essentials do. Very happy with the purchase!
  8. I went to LV Store yesterday and tried out the Favorite pm and Eva. Eva was just too small. I need to fit my readers, cellphone in a wallet case , and sunglasses. The favorite was more forgiving with the fold over flap with my sunglasses. Now which color? Mono, DA or DB? Love the DA but think the mono is more practical. I'm not sure I like the DA ...don't like the coated leather.
  9. It depends on what prints you have and if you already have a small bag option ?

    I got the DA in mm and love it for summer as I already have DE Eva .

    You can't go wrong with any one
  10. Do you find the DA difficult to keep clean from stains etc?
  11. Actually no. This is my first DA bag as all my other ones are DE or epi and I've actually found it a really good print. I wear a lot of jeans but I find as its a smaller bag and the strap is not as long as the Eva it does really rub in my jeans.
  12. Hello there, this is a fairly old thread but I really want the favorite. My issue with the MM is the crease on the flap. So I thought the PM would be ideal. I need to fit a small LV card holder my cell phone and my prescription classes which would go in a flat pouch instead of a case and my keys. Were you able to fit the all?
    Thank you for your insight
  13. I don’t own a favorite on so sorry can’t be of help there, but I am curious about the crease. I was at the LV store yesterday and they happened to have a favorite mm in the azure so I tried it on just to see how it looks on me. I didn’t notice any crease on the flap. Are you saying the crease develops over time as you store it?
  14. Yes. I didn’t know about it either but O usually read a lot of reviews before I purchase a bag and I saw a recurrent theme on this bag about people saying that it develops a crease over time on the front flap due to the magnet. Some say it is worse on mm monos. Although, I have watched some videos on utube and I saw creases on DE as well. It seems like the PMs don’t develop them and that is why I was thinking about buying it but I would like to make sure I can fit my sunglasses. Thank you so much
  15. Hello there, did you end up buying that bag? I really would like a PM but unsure if I can fit my glasses comfortably with a card case and phone