LV Monogram Denim Mahina XL

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  1. [​IMG]:heart: What do you think of this bag???

    or these ones are better? which style do u think would match in with clothing most and more noticeable

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  2. this is how the first one look on miley cyrus

  3. I Think the Manhattan would go with more! Since it's Mono!

    But i like the Ursula as well! But that is more Summery, And the I prefer the Leather mahina then the denim!

    So unless you want colorful bag! I would go with the Manhattan!! More all year around!
  4. I like the cabby mm...not for the price though...the manhattan is gorgeous and classic, not a huge fan of mc either...I would get the neo cabby
  5. i m 14
    and 5'2 i mainly like wearing jeans and sneakers and such idk which one to get
    i like to stuff alot of suff in and carry it different ways
  6. your 14? those are really nice bags for a 14 yr old! wow! I guess I would say the bottom neo cabby if you want to spend 1620$on a bag!
  7. yea it doesn't matter on the money but i just want a bag that will match in with what i wear and fit my stuff at the same time look good
  8. the manhattan would pretty much be too classic for me
  9. I have a leather Mahina and a Neo Cabby GM and while I adore my Mahina the Cabby is a much easier bag to carry since you can stuff it and then use the crossbody strap. Then for evenings out you can carry it on your arm. Get a pochette cles for the times you don't want to carry a purse at all.
  10. OMG didn't know you were 14! Oh yeah the Manhattan is a little to older for you! U want something youthful looking! I would go with the Denim mahina! or the MC urusla!

    Or if you still want a mono bag i'd say go with the speedy, or neverfull! Very youthful looking!
  11. I got a leather Mahina and I LOVE her very much, IMO, I really think Mahina is very easy to match with different kind of clothes. :yes:
  12. Cabby! It's young and casual but you can dress it up!
  13. i m not sure if i should get the denim mahina xl i like it but it might be too big
  14. I'm 5'2'' and the Mahina XL definitely looked huge on me! This is coming from a girl who likes big bags! Is there any way you can try it on? It can look very chic if you can pull off the size and I've seen girls here who look gorgeous with it.

    I opted for the Cabby MM and I loooove it. The GM looked cute and big, but was too LONG -- the width was perfect! That might give you a hint on whether you want the Mahina XL or not. The Cabby really matches with everything and is very casual.
  15. is it as long as a backpack or longer?