LV monogram charm?

  1. [​IMG]

    Does anybody know how much this is in white gold?
    E-Luxury only has yellow gold

  2. $735.00
  3. It is really cute.
  4. So in LVOE with the charm .... it is so pretty!

    However, I'm not in love with that price. *EEK* :push:
  5. Oh my gosh it's so pretty! But like LV Diva said above, the price isn't pretty! :push:
  6. The prices are NOT that bad, the charms are VERY small though, I was shocked when my store had some in for a party... very nice though, I want a couple, considering the under the $1k mark isn't TOO bad, when they have some that have the worlds SMALLEST diamond in them and they are like $1600 plus lol
  7. Gold prices are high right now... I think it is worth the money, but only if you are going to use it!
  8. oh i am :]

    and thanks guys!
    my fiance told me to find out the price
    birthday present :yahoo:
  9. I considered getting the white gold charm and the white gold chain for awhile, but they are only like 0.5" wide/long...SO small...I'd rather save up more for a white gold LV ring!