LV Mono wallets don't come with dust bags??

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  1. I just got off the phone with an elux rep. I told them my pochette wallet didn't come with a dust bag and I would like one, and he told me they never do. He said the small mono items never come with dust bags. I was not aware of this, were any of you?:shrugs:
  2. Neither of my wallets came with dust bags.:sad:
  3. I got a dust bag with both of my wallets. One is a Mono Koala and the other is a Mono Ludlow. :shrugs:
  4. My mono pti came with a pretty drawer-type box but no dustbag. My mono wapity came with drawer box and a dust bag. Go figure.
  5. My french purse didn't come with one from eluxury, just a drawer type box. I was wondering the same thing. A little odd, considering some of the smaller items cost just as much as some of the bags and likewise need just as much protection!
  6. My Mono French Purse came with a little drawstring dust bag.
  7. Just ask an SA from your local boutique....and if they're nice or if they have any extras in stock, they'd give it to ya
  8. It doesn't usually come with a dust bag, but you can try asking your SA for it. I semi-begged for one when I bought a wallet for my mum and she gave me a dust bag for it.
  9. Everyone of my wallets either purchased from an LV store or E-Luxury came with a dustbag and box.. Someone at E-Lux is fibbing....
  10. hmmmmm.. I am going to call them back and see if I can get someone else and beg for one. For what they cost they should all come with dust bags.
  11. when my mom bought her Koala wallet she didn't get a dustbag. it was just wrapped in the white tissue paper. you should try asking for one.
  12. a lot of things don't come with dustbags. its normal, their not saving it for any preferred clients
  13. Really? What other LV items don't come with dustbags?
  14. I agree with most of the people in here. I haven't received any dustbags for my billfolds or agenda. I would like one for my agenda though... I'll ask my SA next week. :smile:
  15. This is interesting, I had no idea that most people don't get dustbags with their wallets. There is always something to new to learn around here! I'm not sure why I was lucky enough to get dust bags both times. It's certainly not because I'm a preferred client, my SA and I get along really well but that's about it. Maybe it depends on the store too?