LV mono speedy owners...give me a yay or nay on this bag r.o.


Mar 21, 2009
I have two LV speedies: a mini lin ebene and a dark brown damier...and I LOVE LV....I fell in love with it when I was on exchange to France back in 97 when I was in high school and I finally got my first one when I went to Paris last year...they just epitomize chic for me.

I have other leather designer bags from Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors etc. and lower priced ones from Rebecca Minkoff etc..but I want a no, fuss, no muss bag. Leather ones can get ruined in the rain, I don't like to set them down every where blah blah...the damier is good for this but it's a 25 which is fine, but I want my next one to be a 30 like the mini lin.

The mini lin is my baby...and more often then not she is in the dust bag, because of the delicate nature of the fabric etc. I want this to last a lifetime if I can make it and only take it out for special occasions etc.

I like the mono design, but I dislike the white vachetta..I have read up on that here and I was wondering if I didn't baby it and just let it turn, will it be ok?

Please tell me how much you love this bag!!


Jul 5, 2008
I love my mono. I actually like the darker mono on the speedy. I cannot wait until my turns! But I understand about the look in general - I have some other mono bags I do not use much cause I do not want them to turn.


Jul 16, 2009
I love my mono Speedy- I think if you take care of it, it will turn nicely! I have older LV bags and the patina is a dark honey. My speedy is brand new so I'm enjoying the light vachetta for now.
I just make sure my hands are clean so as not to add any dirt to the patina process:biggrin:
I have an Ebene Speedy also but for some reason I love my mono a little more!!! :cloud9:


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Jul 24, 2006
I didn't baby mine and she is turning out nicely. Let me dig up a recent pic for you.


Here she is next to my brand new (just took the plastic off) Mon Monogram. I got her in August of 2006. While I have not used her constantly this past year, she did see day to day use for a lot of time, since she was my only bag for awhile. She's been to FL touring all the sights!

Speedy is a great bag, and she holds a ton, and so classic. Love it! So go rock it!


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Aug 31, 2008
I'm a Damier Ebene fan, but for some reason, I also bought Mono Speedies in three sizes. I think the handles looks best with the patina on the Mono line. I guess I got hooked on the Mono Speedy.


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Sep 27, 2006
I love my Mono Speedy. I just got her and I like the lighter vachetta but I know it will look pretty when it gets to that honey color. I know some girls have put theirs out in the sun to speed up the process. Don't know if it works but you might try it. I say get one and just be patient. The light beige is so pretty when you first get it you might just want to keep it light for awhile! :biggrin: