LV Mono Riveting bag available on Eluxury

  1. If any of you are still waiting to find the Mono Riveting bag, it is available on eluxury right now. I was doing a little surfing on there today and happened to find it. And they have free shipping through July 2nd!:tup:
  2. <<<--------I looked....someone else was faster than me thanks anyway !!!!!
  3. I'm a bit late on this thread but I just went on elux to check.

    I saw the picture logo and got excited thinking it was in stock since they have it listed.

    Clicked on it ..... then it said "OUT OF STOCK". :cry:
  4. It's back again!! :yes: And it is in stock. I clicked on it and put it in my shopping bag. Then I tried to add another one and it said out of stock. There must be only one. I'll leave it in my cart for now. If you call their number, they will check and see that it is in someone's cart. They will remove it from my cart and then you can buy it. Good luck!

  5. Thanks for the update, this is a great bag!
  6. I hope whoever wants it can get it!