LV MONO.. only in LV japan website..

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  1. hey guys.. as I was browsing the web.. I saw this Mono bag only in the Japanese Eshopping of the LV website.. I checked out Elux, LV USA and even France but they dont have it... Since the web site is in Japanese.. I couldnt figure out the name of the bag. Anyone familiar?


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  2. That bag is called the Galliera and it's not out yet. If you search this bag, you could find more posts/information on this bag! :yes:

    Welcome to TPF btw!
  3. The shape sorta reminds me of the griet.
  4. I really like it. I can't wait to see it IRL
  5. There was 1 on EBAY, not sure if it was real or not, pretty bag I was thinking my mom might like it for mother's day, its very Gucci hobo like
  6. anyone know how much it is i love it
  7. Yeah this bag is gorgeous!
  8. It's a lovely bag:girlsigh:
  9. The Galliera will launch on April 1st. There are 2 sizes, PM and GM.
  10. Maybe it's out in Japan already.
  11. thanks guys :yahoo: i think im loving it already. i checked out the price.... PM is 149,200 YEN approx. its about 1494 USD and the GM is 173,250 YEN 1737 USD
  12. i believe the PM price is about $1100. japan is always more than the US.
  13. same here in the Philippines, LV prices are higher :sad:
  14. :tup:Very nice Bag ,i see in the Shop here.-in Europa/Budapest
    2 Size both very nice.
  15. thats cute! the shape def looks gucci ish!