LV Mono Mini Lin Speedy

  1. I saw this today for the first time IRL. I couldn't believe how much I loved it. I almost got it but I had just spent a lot of money at Gucci.

    Anway, I liked it more than the mono but not as much as the Damier. I love the texture of it also.

    I may order it as a Xmas gift for my daughter. It's a nice starter piece for someone that wants to get into LV (my daughter).

    Does anyone own this already? What do you think of it? Are you really pleased with it?


  2. I dont own one but i have heard nothing bad.
  3. I think someone else on the forum got one...and it started to pill, I believe? Like a sweater would?
  4. I have it and I LOVE LVOE LOVE it. I have had no issues with it and I have carried it everyday for a month and I am not gentle on my bags!

    I definately recommend it!
  5. I love it but don't own one... Do u already own a speedy?do u think ur daugter would rather mono or mini lin?
  6. Does anyone have a picture of it??
  7. I just got one 2 days ago--haven't carried it yet but I do take it out of dust cover to admire it frequently! It's beautiful and I think quite elegant and understated. Am taking it on vacation next weekend!
  8. i love it! its so pretty looking! and i havn't had any problems with pilling (i've onli used it 3 times tho) but i am pretty rough with my bags!
  9. I guess after thinking about it, my daughter may prefer the mono but I like this one more. I probably should get her opinion before buying it for her b/c she may not like it as much as the mono.

    Thanks everyone.
  10. Bring her down to the store! Get her to try on both and see if she likes the feel of the Mini Lin!

    I'd go for the Mono canvas one as a starter piece though. But the Mini Lin is new so it's good to get it too!