LV mono denim now or wait ?

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  1. hi guys,

    i'm very tempted by something from the denim line :


    Would you buy the flat pouch or the mini speedy pouch NOW :yes:


    would you wait a little to see the new denim item coming later this spring.

    Needless to say that i have absolutly no need of a new storage pouch, i just want something denim in my bag.

  2. There were a few things coming out in the denim line accessory wise...wallets and a camera pouch.
    I'm a big fan of the speedy pouch, I think its really cute!
  3. IF nothing really pops out at you, I would wait. If there is something special that catches your eye....BUY IT!!!
  4. ^
  5. I would wait. There are 2 zippy wallets coming, cles and rond.
  6. I forgot about the cles and rond. The cles is cute!
  7. since you don't need it immediately i would wait, maybe you like the other things better.
  8. I know just how you feel. I got that pouch. The little tab at the end is just too cute.
    But there will be a wallet, a round coin purse. and several other items with a lower price tag later this spring.
    But, alas, I feel in love with that one and had to have it.

    So, you just have to decide.
  9. I love denim..when are the new accessories coming out?? thanks
  10. Try to wait! I know I coulden't, but it's worth a try. THere seems to always be new denim stuff coming out, so sometimes you'll just have to GET something (The new stuff for winter will soon be revealed too >_<). But I'd wait for the S/S ones at least.
  11. I think 1.april. maybe someone can correct me if I'm wrong?
  12. Sigh... I so love the Denim Mini Speedy thing!!! It's so cute!!

    But I guess I'd wait... you never know when you might see something new which you fancy!
  13. I agree with waiting to see what the new denim pieces look like:yes:
  14. Wait for the cles and rond... I am sure they will be less expensive than the speedy trousse pm.
  15. The Denim Cles is going to be $175, and it is very cute. I so want one! I like the mini Speedy pouch too, and may have to add it to my collection as well. The Rond has a pocket...I am not sure if I like it or not.

    I did like the camera bag that is coming out as well, I want to say it's in the $700 range. It has a pocket on the front with a Koala clasp.

    The larger zippy wallet is $595. I like it better than the smaller one (whose price I don't remember.)