LV Mono Canvas MIZI

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  1. Guys, here I am again asking questions but I really need your opinion because I wanted to get me a new bag! And I am still looking, and finally I think I know what I want which is the MIZI mono canvas. I was browsing on and there it was but I think this is pretty new and I just got finished talking to LV Boutiques in the Galeria Houston to find out if they have the MIZI and they don't and when I asked when do they think Mizi will be available the person said maybe.maybe next week but she is not sure yet! So I asked the lady to call me when mizi has arrived. So she got my name and numbers;) . Oh..oh..and the price is $1350. I wanted to see it so bad and I feel like I could just fly to see it he he.if it is around Houston :love: . Questions: Have you guys this lv mizi mono anywhere? i am afraid this is the bag I have been looking for this beginning of the year
    :nuts: :love: . Oh another question what do you think of the Trapeze PM on the cruise collection? the colors are so nice;pink, gray, and camel. Guys please say your opinions for the mizi canvas mono and the Trapeze pm.
    Ah..I feel better now that I let this anxiety out to you guys ha ha..
    I wish I could post pics of these two bags but the lv. com site won't let me. But I think you know what I am talking about.
    thanks guys.
  2. The mono mizi and klara has been out for about two months now, maybe more, I'm surprised your store doesn't have it yet (unless they sold out, then my apologies). I saw the bag at the SF boutique and I love it, I really want it in the vienna leather, but it was too big for my body frame. =< Eluxury had it for a very short time span so maybe check with eluxury reps?

    Also I have the trapeze PM in rose and I love it! It's the perfect size and color for me. I also love how it's pebbled cream leather so I don't have to worry about patina ;P
  3. I was really excited about getting the Trapeze until I saw it in person. I just didn't like the material very much :sad:

    The mizi is nice, but I prefer the mizi vienna to the regular monogram mizi. Both bags have been available here for a while as well :biggrin: I hope you get that bags you want!
  4. Thanks guys. I didn't know the mizi bag has been out for 2 months. The reason I thought it was new because I they are not available at the stores and I have to be in the waiting list to get it. By the way there are 8 people already infront of me in the waiting list.
    I checked @eluxury but they didn't have both of the mizi (classic mono and vienna) but I haven't called the sa though.

    The only thing I am worry is the size I hope they are not too big for me. I can't wait to get a hold on this bag:love: .

    I have 2 lv canvas and I love all of them; boulogne, speedy 30 and brera damier. Actually what I needed is a black bag and I think mizi vienna is the perfect one if I could get a hold of one..:love: . And it also all depends on how I like the mono mizi when I see it in person and how I feel about it.

    Noriko do you know how much is the mizi vienna cost? I have a budget for $1800. I am afraid I am a little short on mizi vienna:sad: .

    Eh how come I get two prices for the same bag. SA at LV boutique in NM says it $1,100 and SA at LV Boutique in Galeria says it;s $1,350. One of them is making a mistake?
  5. i really like the mono canvas mizi, i saw it at LV atlanta when it first came out, it was really pretty. might wanna call them if you want it now, i'm sure they can ship.
  6. Mizi Vienna is nice, but I think it costs many times more.

    mello yello jen: did you check the GM, is it too big? I'm deciding on the camel PM (I'm 5'6"), the GM might be too big for me?

    Sweetea, make sure they double check the price where you are buying. The SA's aren't 100% most of the time just from memory, had many experiences where they quote me diff price from two diff SA's during the same visit. We're pretty much in the same position. But I'm leaning more towards the Trapeze. Of'course unless the Vienna dramatically drops it price which it won't, but nice to dream.
  7. The mizi vienna is somewhere in the $2000s. I cant remember the exact price, but I thought it was kind of low since I initially had it in mind that the bag was around $3000.
  8. Thanks guys. Well, I am going to wait until the two SAs call me for the canvas mizi and see what happen and I will let you know as soon as I see the bag in person. I probably have to dream for the Vienna but you never know..dreams come true sometimes.
  9. The mizi is around the same size as the trouville. Shh I hope everyone in front of you on the waiting list is too broke from xmas shopping to get the bag ;)

    The mizi vienna is in the $2000 range, I want to say $2400 but I'm not 100% sure on that.

    Also the prices for the mono mizi is $1350 and the mono klara is $1100.
  10. Ohh the camel is such a pretty color, much nicer than the pics on eluxury! The GM is huge on me, practically luggage but then I have a very petite frame. I have reference pics for the PM if you like, just let me know ;)
  11. I don't know if this helps but I just looked at my receipt for my mizi vienna and it was $3738.31 Canadian. It can't be as low as $2400.USD.:amuse:
  12. Thanks Star! You just popped my bubbled ;) Man I admired that bag for soo long yesterday when I was looking at your bag collection pictures, gorgeous!

    I'll call tomorrow and find out the price in USD.
  13. Can someone post a pic of the Klara and the Mizi?
    I have been hearing about the Klara and I do not know which one that is....
  14. [​IMG]
    Monogram Klara - 1100

    Monogram Mizi - 1350
  15. THANK YOU JEN! :biggrin:
    I think I like the Mizi better.....Just my little opinion....