Lv: Mm, Pm, Gm

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  1. So what do all of these letters mean? Do they translate into sizes for all bags? For example, is the GM the same size (small, med, lrg) for all bags?
  2. pm mm and gm stand for sizes, correct, with pm being the smallest and gm being the biggest. BUT they do not have specific measurements to them, for example the croissant mm is not the same size as the seleya mm, it's just that both are the medium version of the bag.
  3. They probably stand for PETITE MODELE, MOYEN MODELE, AND GRAND MODELE (small, medium, large). =)
  4. yay thanks raspberry! i was going to type something along that line but my knowledge of french is close to nothing so I saved myself the embarassment, haha.
  5. Thanks!
  6. Aha! Thanks for posting that. :biggrin:
  7. Thanks Rasp. Awesome ring!!
  8. thanks for the info. i wasnt aware!
  9. PM= the smallest size
    MM= the medium size
    GM= the largest size
  10. ^^^ I think they already established that in the second and third posts. ;)
  11. LOL !

    Ooh an oldie but a goodie, let's bump this off to reference library !
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