LV Mizi Vienna and Chloe Edith in STOCK!

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  1. Hi,

    If anyone is looking for this bag - I was, but don't have the $$ for it since I went crazy on others...

    They have the Mizi Vienna in stock at Neiman Marcus! It's green and black and is $2710 or something. They had it on hold for someone, and now it's displayed! :love:

    It's gorgeous! I thought these were out of stock! I even called LV a month ago. Hmmm...

    Here's the number: (619) 692-9100 and ask for Vuitton. Lee is very helpful.

    I can't believe I saw so many great bags today!

    They also had the Chloe Edith in Chamois. Ask for Jason with this one!
  2. You are sooooo bad! But the report is great! I put the Mizi on hold. You know how much I love green! Keep your fingers crossed that this is the bag for me....
  3. I am going to be a dead wife if I buy one more bag!....but I really want the Edith in that color....................ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....stay tuned............
  4. Great report! I wanted the mizi until a friend said some bad things about it while we were at the boutique. Shouldnt have ruined it for me, but somehow it did :sad:
  5. Just curious--what did your friend say about the Mizi? Did she not like the style? Or was it a quality thing?
  6. Oh my goodness! And I was about to buy the small version Vienna for $3000! Calling them right now.
  7. He said that it looked like a granny bag and was just downright ugly. This was about the green. I dont think it being black would change his mind much though. He also thought it was kind of heavy. Its an okay bag IMO though, looks really functional!
  8. Thanks Noriko! I figured that was the complaint, i.e. granny bag. I didn't think that the bag was heavy... I'll have to see in in person...

    I think that it's more likely to be a "classic" than the Elise. Don't you think? And I think it's more likely to have a long life with me (I'm 31). I'll keep you posted.

    What kind of green was it? Just curious if it was more an army/olive green or more like a deep forest green.
  9. ^^^it was kind of a lighter olive green if I'm remembering correctly :biggrin: Not a bad color green at all.

    I definitely think it'll be more classic than the MJ and would be really happy for you if you got it!!!! :love: Post pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. ^^^ I think you're right about it being more classic than a MJ. And I already have 2 MJ bags. The Mizi would be more like a classic collector's item. I have the cerise sac plat and I think this is my new thought with LV--going with the limited editions rather than the regular monos...

    Thanks for telling me about the color. Now I have a better idea and will go in with less preconceived ideas when I see it for the first time! If I get it, I'll DEFINITELY post a million pics!
  11. that's so funny, because when i saw it in black, i thought it was completely hideous too. all wrinkly and everything. LOL. i think it looks nice from afar, but close ups, it is ugly looking.
  12. Well, the green is more army green IMO. I still think it's a nice bag! Definitely eyecatching!
  13. :lol: you crack me up! one time I really wanted mizi vienna so bad now I am not sure that I really want the bag anymore.

    I wasn't too impress with the mono mizi, is it the mizi vienna comes with same size? Does it come in only one size? The one I saw was large and almost seems too big for me.
  14. It could be an army green too, the only army greens I see are kind of like a mesh, so I'm not sure which one is the actual color :lol: