LV Mirror Bag Fakes?

  1. I saw an LV Alma mirror bag posted on eBay. I thought they only made Lockit's and Speedy's. I assume this is a fake. Does anyone know for sure. Just curious.
  2. Actually they did made Almas - why dont you go to LV forum - I am sure you will be able to find some pictures there. I think the Alma came in a bigger travel size - not small one
  3. Nope, they made Alma GM's (the Voyage size, larger than say, the Epi or MC ones), Keepalls, Papillons, Speedy's, Pochettes and the newest style, the Lockit.
    Unfortunately, fakes of the Miroir line DO exist so you need to be REALLY careful about who you buy from.
  4. Be careful, I was stupid and bought a fake Mirroir Keepall. So there are fakes out there. I will NEVER ever buy an LV on eBay.
  5. Thanks...
    if you know its a fake I hope you wnet after the seller.
  6. You bet! I will definitely file a report to Louis Vuitton about this. I hate counterfeit products and the people that sell these to us honest innocent consumers.
  7. handbag*girl - if you decide to buy on ebay, just make sure is from someone that has good reputation. Don't rush it like I did. Mirroir is made of PVC, which is very easy for them to make counterfeit bags.
  8. You can post your eBay item on the Authenticate thread (of LV forum), there're many people willing to help you there...:yes:
  9. Except the Miroir surface itself isn't perfect. It may be really shiny but it's nowhere near as shiny as the authentic ones.
  10. it's scary cause they are getting better and better. The lining is looks more like a "grey cotton" than on the real one. I saw a fake speedy dold for $1500 this is disgusting.
  11. I've been on ebay for years but my first sale was an Lv- and a dealer bought it. I don't blame you and I wouldn't buy an LV on ebay(unless I couldn't get it elsewhere) but there must be more sellers on ebay with authentic lv's!