LV Miroir

  1. Does anyone know if the LV miroir line will include the noe or petite noe? I saw it on the runway but I'm not sure which version it is. What about the papillon? Is it going to be the 26 or 30? I already own a speedy in perfo and I think getting another speedy in "miroir" will be too much. So I'm between the papillon and the noe or petite noe. What do you think? Which one should I get? Which one do you like better and why?
  2. I don't know about the Noe...possible the Large if they're releasing it...but the Papillon is in the 19 ot possibly the 26?

    Like this

  3. Hey you -

    Unfortunately The Noe will not be produced for this particular collection. (It was just for the runway show.)

    Your option will be The Papillon 26 and The Speedy 34. (Yes, I said 34... so its not a small bag to some.)

    FYI too you can also get The Alma Voyage (correct me if I'm wrong guys... (haha) and The Keepall Band 55 in this line too.

    Oh yeah the Pochette Plate and Cles too - thats available too!
  4. OMG Dickies - there's going to be a pochette cles!? I didn't see that in the look book. Any clue on pricing? And is the pochette cles going to be in the monogram or look like the inventeur plate like the pochette plat? I'd adore a pochette cles in this material that looks like the inventeur plates . . . I want to get a damier cles and an inventeur keychain, but that would kill two birds with one stone!
  5. OOh, thanks Laurence.

    The Pochette Plate, is that like a square pochette, but with the strap? I think someone posted a pic here recently, so I'll go and have a search, see if I can find it.

    And a cles? How fab!!


  6. You can call me by Laurence, ha... - Yeah Dickies80 was my first ever SN like WAYY back then... haha (no comment on how long ago, haha.)

    Yeah there will be a Poch. Cles in this line as well - looks nothing like the one in monogram.

    Ooo Damier Cles and Iventeur keychain! HOT choices, I say you get that...AND the one they're launching in this Mirroir line... (hehe...I'm sure your SA will love that transaction!)
  7. Oh totally - it'll look like the Poch. Access. we all know and I know A LOT of you have... hehe.

    Yes a Cles too!
  8. Alright, Mr. Laurence . . . what will the cles look like? And any clue on $$? :smile:
  9. Oh yeah!

    I can't recall what the pricing is - haha (I can find out - but you could call the store... I'm off till Thursday! ha... but yeah the size would be like a regular Poch. Cles in Monogram, however the hook is much different. (I can't think of the actual term...but it looks like those regular hooky thing... haha, sorry I just can't think of a good description for it and its like SO simple too, I can't think of it right now! ha... and of course it'll be attached to a chain...)

    If you do call the store, and I'm sure there will be an associate that would be like what? But yeah have them go to the look book, and make them go to the page where it shows the Poch. Plate - and the picture is on the upper right of that page. If they didn't see it before, they'll probably be like HUH? But yeah it'll say "CLES" ha...
  10. That's too bad. Unfortunately the 26 is to small for me and 34 and alma voyage is too big for me:crybaby: Are you 100% sure that the noe or petite noe will not be produced?:crybaby:
  11. I'm very sure!

    There's only 3 pages for this line in the look book, and each page has 2 items on it... (The Noe was not one of them.)

    I know the sizes are totally not for some!

    I've pulled out a Speedy 35 to customers in Monogram, and I'm like "Yeah take about an inch and half, and yeah that gives you an idea..." They'd be like "OH THATS BIG..."

    Of course take a look at the bag when its available in the store - you may change your mind about the sizes.

    (Dec. 1st they will launch.)
  12. ooh... i would love to have the petit noe if it's produce :girlsigh:
  13. I will take a look. Thanks. :smile: