LV Mirage line

  1. Hi all,

    first time posting here, been a member reading alot on the forum.

    I was in the boutique today down at Chevy Chase Maryland picking up the summit drive in amarante for my wife. My SA asked if I wanted to look at the F/W collection and put a deposit or be placed on the waitlist for any of the bag.

    She showed me the mirage line and she noted that the silk screen of LV on the bag fade from bottom to top. so basically, the LV logo is nearly invisible on the top.

    I thought this is was cool to share with you all, no wonder they call it the mirage line.
  2. Thanks for posting, they are very pretty bags there are a few other styles too. they come with two types of handles black or deep red. the black handled bags fade from light to almost black the red handled bags from light to very deep burgundy very pretty

    the collection was originally called degrade which is a photography term meaning graduated shading so sometime on here you may hear someone talk about the degrade collection it is the same as the mirage. Personally I wish they'd stayed with degrade there's just something about it
  3. Welcome and thanks for sharing!
  4. Thanks for the info! Your wife is so lucky to be getting the Summit Drive from you! That bag is deadly.
  5. <------waiting patiently 9/15/2007.......
  6. I think the mirage speedy is gorgeous!
  7. Did you get a price on the mirage speedy? I love the idea of the black one.