LV Minneapolis has some new goodies (Azur Miroir Pomme and Stephen)

  1. For anyone living in MNPLS or the midwest or who plans on flying through, the MNPLS LV Boutique just got in its look book, a silver miroir pochette, a mono rivet pochette and bag, a MONO stephen and has an Azur Saleya (MM or PM i think).

    It also has many :heart: coeurs:heart: in both pomme and multi and many many pomme pieces.

    Thought i'd let ya'll know. :heart: John aka louislovesfendi
  2. Thanks for the info!
  3. I still havent been to my own states "boutique" :sad:
  4. somebody get that pochette!
  5. :yes:
  6. arrgh, do you know if the Riveting bag LE or not? please pretty please? Mpls only has one left...
  7. good to know, thanks! i'll have to drop by the boutique one of these days... i'm always nearby, but haven't gotten around to going shopping downtown.
  8. i wonder if they have any stephens left.