LV minimonogram discontinued ...

  1. Dear all, i have been searching for an LV bag in this material for the longest time. I found two MM Jeanne PM and MM on ebay. Are they authentic? Also, does anyone remember the bigger bags in this same collection? I am hoping to find the one that looks like the Josephine. Please help and give me your comments? Thanks.
  2. I know the Cabas Mary Kate is one of the bigger bags in the mini collection.
  3. The range i'm looking for was the very first minimonogram series. Started about 7, 8 years ago?? Before the current MM range. Dark blue monogram with light blue background. Ring any bells?
  4. Yes, I had that color in Lucille.
  5. i think if i didn't remember wrongly it's called marie. It's a bowler bag? Does anyone have this bag and is planning to sell it? Could someone with this bag post pictures of it?
  6. I think the eBay is your only chance of finding it; it was a 2000 limited edition. Yes, Marie is the bowler bag in this series; it often pops up on eBsy, so you should be able to get yourself one, albeit in used condition.
  7. oohhh i know what you're talking about, it's the bag that Paris Hilton was carrying around for awhile right? I'll see if I can find a pic, it's a cute style!
  8. yes yes. I have just gone through 109 pages of louis vuitton on ebay and no sight of Marie.

    I should really kick myself on this one because i had the chance to buy one brand new one in Frankfurt LV some 7 years ago and gave up that bag for a Loewe that i don't even carry now.

    I recently fell in love with this bag all over again and have been trying to find one. Does anyone wanna sell theirs?
  9. i found the Marie!!! Does anyone out there know if knock-offs on this model was rampant during the time this bag was on sale in LV stores? How do we tell if this Marie is real or fake? Please help.

    Does anyone have this bag?
  10. The one that you listed looks pretty good, the stamp look right. I have no idea how much it is though or what the description says, it's all in Japanese!
  11. The date stamp is crooked. The 'A' is dropped.
  12. I agree that the A is dropped, but the other details check out. I have a different bag of the same dark blue-light blue mini monogram (mine is smaller and has a gold chain strap) and the date codes are comparable, the zipper looks the same, the stitching is pretty even.
  13. They had a couple of these on Smartbargains a few months ago at 10% off- which is strange since I thought LV doesn't allow sales. One was rlound like the ones in the auctions and the other was square with a front buckled pocket. Maybe they weren't selling at a department store and they quietly slipped them under the table to Smartbargins?
  14. All these bads sold on auctions and ebay are really difficult. You never know if it's real or not just by looking at the outside. The link that i've attached showed the most pictures of that bag. Some other sellers have only three pics of the exterior. And they cost form US$450 to US$910!

    This one is asking US$660

    This one is US$910

    This one, which IMO probably looks like an authentic one (based solely on my guts!) going for US$770

    What do you guys think? Do you think i will still be able to find one that's unused?