LV Mini Sac???

  1. I am able to fit a monnaie plat, accordeon, cellphone, keys, lipgloss, pen, some gum in it. As for carrying it like a purse? Very tiny! I do carry it as a spring wedding bag with the optional strap.
  2. I've seen more than a few of these on PF. You should search the Clubhouse Speedy forum or the Showcase forum to see what members have this and what it fits.

    I've heard it fits lipstick/gloss, keys, credit cards, cell and money.
  3. bvbirdygirl has the MC white can fit alot, it is SO much bigger IRL!! bvbirdygirl can fit a mini evian bottle, her cell phone (razr), ipod nano, a MC mirror and her Vernis Ludlow!! it really fits alot!
  4. it does not come in the Damier, :crybaby:..............i know once, an eBay seller had a SO Damier HL sac!! it was SO HOT!!
  5. I just bought one! i love her to death!

    even my bf thinks it is too cute to be true!

    so, i went to work the other night. in my purse i took:
    a plastic fork
    a can of campbell's split pea soup YUMMY!
    kyocero cell phone
    lipgloss pat and tube
    lv c/c holder (a recent acquisition that I ALSO am in love with!)
    a wad of cash

    girlie! its just like a speedy! you can fit your whole mini little life in there! i love it!