LV mini sac HL 6"x4"x3"

  1. I was thinking of buying this micro-mini piece for a display on a shelf, as a gift for a LV lover. Opinions and thoughts much appreciated.
  2. I think it's a nice gift! It's very tiny and cute; perfect for going out, use as a makeup case, and I know it holds items better than the pochette accessories (you can fit a lot in both, but I don't like how "stuffed" pochettes look). And they resemble speedys, which are iconic. :yes:
  3. for a shelf? im buying one from lt for USE! its very cute, but i couldn't JUST look at it! i HAVE to use it! its such a teeny tiny little munchkin and it holds SO much!
  4. I think it's so cute! I'd love to recieve one as a gift!! I'm sure your friend would too!
  5. You're such a sweet friend. I think it's a nice gift.
  6. bvbirdygirl has can fit ALOT!!!
  7. I would love to recieve any lv pieces as a gift! hehehehe
    Mini Sac would be such a nice gift!
  8. Mini HL would make an absolutely wonderful gift. You're so nice to your friend.
  9. I have this and :heart: it.....I'm a speedy addict.
  10. I like it.
  11. Wow i would love to have you as a friend!