LV Mini Noe Yes or No


Feb 16, 2006
I am quite new to this forum but has been an avid bag collector for a while and has just been recently into LV. I think my LV collection grew from zero to ten within the past month have purchase a collector's item without even knowing it. ( I bought the Gracie MC :love: :love: last Christmas and is my very first LV). I am at this monent waiting for the Mini Noe to arrive at my local LV store but am not very sure about it. It sa a cute bag but is a handheld one and that is my issue. Does anyone have this and do you like it?:shame:
I just got a Petit Noe (is it the same one you are talking about?) in Mono canvas and I think I need time for it to grow on me. It's a cute bag, but I think it's more of a summer bag, IMO.
Do you mean the Petit Noe? It's not handheld though, it's a shoulder bag. I've contemplating about it, I think it's a very practical bag. Which one are you waiting for (mono, mc or epi?)
i had the mini noe .. but i sold it.
it is a really cute bag

but the thing i didn't like about it was that the leather ties somehow do not stay tied up and kept unravelling.
it isn't like the mini monogram noelie where it has a little tab to keep it close.

i found it quite annoying as it made it troublesome to open and close but it is a really very very cute bag and would have kept it forever if was more user-friendly to me.