LV mini Long Alma anyone know about this one???

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  1. Does anyone know anything about this bag? Is it really discontinued? I saw it with a girl once at the bank and saw it on Let-tade and it says discontinued.
    [​IMG]Here is pic from let-trade
  2. Yes. It was discontinued.
  3. I thought it was a nice bag!!! I like in that color too!!! Too bad they have discontinued those.
  4. it was discontinued years ago....i think it's a great bag...really cute
  5. Yeah it looks good IRL don't know why they dont make it anymore....
  6. :huh::huh:ohh that's cute. how exactly does let-trade work?
  7. Let-trade is an eBay seller that has confirmed authentic LV merchandise.

    Speaking of the Alma long, does anyone know what other flavors it was made in (meaning Damier, mono, etc.)?
  8. The particular long Alma was only made in mini mono. There was also a taller version called Haute.
  9. The Alma long would have looked great in the Damier.

    Does LV ever bring back discontinued lines? I would love to see this bag again.
  10. I couldn't use that as a regular handbag, wouldn't hold my stuff, but it sure would make a cute makeup case! :lol:
  11. Didn't Graffiti line also have the same style Alma?
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