LV Mini Lin Diaper Bag

  1. hi guys! what's ur take on this new diaper bag by LV??? is it nice? durable? will it work as a regular bag as well? too much of a splurge?

    ur opinions are welcome!!! :yes:
  2. It is pretty but not practical at all for use as a Diaper Bag. The color is very light (light blue and pink) and I am not sure how you would go about cleaning it should it get stained. Also, I find that my other diaper bags snag quite a bit when they bump up against strollers, toys, etc. so I don't know how the linen would hold up either. It is really cute though. I have quite a few diaper bags that cost about 200 each and they're pretty messed up after 1 year of use. I don't think I could so that to a bag that cost more than 1 grand and feel "okay" about it.
  3. I saw all 3 the other day! I LOVE IT! although not a fan of kids lol cool bag tho!
  4. I think it would be too hard to maintain.
  5. I think it would great as a diaper bag! Stylish and convinient.
  6. It's a cute bag! If you rock this, you'd be the coolest mom on the block! :p
  7. Wish they had these when my sil was having kids. Would have made a lovely baby gift for a new mom.
  8. Not practical IMO but wouldn't mind having one if it was a gift:nuts:
  9. As a rule of thumb you probably shouldn't spend more than $50 when poop is involved. :smile: The bag is a bit *over the top* imho. :smile:
  10. It looks great, but I don't think it would work well IRL. Between poop and milk, this light colored bag would be doomed to be a mess! Great bag for non diaper use though.
  11. It's really cute, but you would almost have to take care of the bag as much as the kid.
  12. not practical but it is beautiful. really depends on whether you wouldn't mind having your baby spit up on it or not. i would be nervous.
  13. this reason alone is convincing enough! :p LOL but it is gorgeous like all of u said.... im so confused which diaper bag to get :confused1:
  14. I love it, but as a Mom of 2, there's just tooooo much spilling going on. Not sure I'd want to subject the bag to that. But it's a beauty.
  15. yup don't think it's practical as a diaper bag, but I would use it as a regular bag like for school or an everyday bag.