LV Mini Lin Croisette Speedy 30 OR Ferragamo Fiera collection

  1. Hye people....

    I need ur opinion :smile:

    I am torn between the elegant Mini Lin Croisette Speedy 30 and Salvatore Ferragamo Fiera bag...

    Please help me :confused1:

    NMV00AQ_mn.jpg 5b3e_1.JPG
  2. Speedy! The Ferragamo is too wild for my taste!
  3. definitely the speedy! but I think most people here will say that, lol!
  4. Definitely the SPEEDY hands down. :yes:

    In my opinion, the Ferragamo has too much going on.
  5. I too would go for the Speedy. The Ferragamo is a bit too wild for my tastes too! rawr.
  6. The Speedy would be a better choice unless you really wanted a tote you can carry on your shoulder. The Ferragamo, while unique, is visually busy --- you may be limited to wearing only monochromatic clothes just so you and the bag won't clash. Good luck with your decision!
  7. Same here! :yes:
  8. You came to the wrong place to ask for views. Obviously LV. :smile:
  9. I know :smile:
    Just wanted extra assurance :smile:

    So, it is the LV then!!!!
    Im getting it tonight after work, regardless what reviews say abt it sagging & dirt magnet.
    If it gets so saggy & dirty, it's a gud reason to get another LV ...hehehhe:yahoo:
  10. mini lin croisette for sure. the ferragamo is a little bit too busy for me. mini lin is sooo cute.
  11. And another thing LV Lvers...

    BLUE or RED????
  12. ^^ i like blue cuz i wear jeans every day and it'll just look so cute w/ jeans.
  13. speedy, not a hug fan of Salvatore.
  14. SPEEDY!

    The other bag is too much IMO.
  15. The blue looks better.