LV Mini Ellipse: So CUTE!


Nov 26, 2005
Has anyone seen this before? It's a mini version of the ellipse! I just stumbled across it on eluxury. I usually don't like the monogram design, but when I saw this, I just thought it would be SO CUTE as an evening bag!!!!!!!!!! and I guess it would go with everything! ooh... i have not seen this in the store, is this new?
What does everyone else think abt the mini ellipse? I am looking for a small clutch bag, and having been contemplating the LV Epi Accessoires (red) and this one. WHich would you get?


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well, the epi is about 180 pounds while the ellipse is 235pounds. i think the only thing holding me back is the fact that the ellipse is a monogram pattern, but i do love the shape of the ellipse.
and btw, i do not have a monogram from LV at all, so am thinking of having one to add to my bag collection... heh, kinda a rite of passage i guess for every bag lover...