LV Mini Ellipse: So CUTE!

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  1. Has anyone seen this before? It's a mini version of the ellipse! I just stumbled across it on eluxury. I usually don't like the monogram design, but when I saw this, I just thought it would be SO CUTE as an evening bag!!!!!!!!!! and I guess it would go with everything! ooh... i have not seen this in the store, is this new?
  2. oops, pict here
  3. We can't see it. Please give us the address or picture.
  4. Ya, they're new. I saw it in person and it'll make a very cute pouch... kind of small, but the price... over $400??? Yikes!
  5. I saw it in person last week and my reaction was: 'for such a tiny bag, even an LV, the price seems exorbitant!' is adorable though.
  6. It's really cute, and for those that have everything, it makes an adorable bag charm (albiet kind of large).
  7. What does everyone else think abt the mini ellipse? I am looking for a small clutch bag, and having been contemplating the LV Epi Accessoires (red) and this one. WHich would you get?
  8. I would go for the epi, that little wristlet is too pricey even though its adorable.
  9. price-wise i'd go for the epi, but i think the ellipse is cuter. so if money is not an object, i'd go for that one.
  10. well, the epi is about 180 pounds while the ellipse is 235pounds. i think the only thing holding me back is the fact that the ellipse is a monogram pattern, but i do love the shape of the ellipse.
  11. and btw, i do not have a monogram from LV at all, so am thinking of having one to add to my bag collection... heh, kinda a rite of passage i guess for every bag lover...
  12. I love both of them, I'd have a hard time choosing... but I'd probably go for the Epi :smile:
  13. I want one of those epi accessory pouches but I want a black one. The one on eluxury looks black, but the color is called Mocha so I'm assuming its a dark brown color.
  14. The red Epi is a personal Fav of mine..!!
  15. i'd get the epi, even because i am seriously considering of buying it myself.