lv Milla advice

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  1. Any LV Milla MM users out there?Can it hold a sunglass/phone, lip gloss and some credit cards.Is it worth buying?Is it too small that it is not very noticeable..
  2. I don't know much about the Milla. How about an Eva? I think those look more elegant. Also the mini pouch is nice and holds a lot.
  3. I'll check the Eva online rightaway.Can i use it as a shoulder bag/handheld?
  4. My Milla MM definitely doesn't fit all that.. I keep in my Milla my iPhone, few credit cards, my bus ticket and my house key. And that's it. My Eva on the other hand holds quite a lot. I think you should definitely buy Eva instead if you want to use it to hold all the things you mentioned. I use my Milla only in evening events and such.

    Here's my comparison pic of Milla MM and Eva:

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  5. Thx a ton.The pics do help.Eva looks more spacious.Is there an Eva version in monogram multicolour.I was interested in Milla MM in Multicolour.But now that i like Eva as well,i wanna know which colour to go for in Eva.
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    The milla MM does not hold thick items like how the Eva can......milla is thin...but it is a very sweet piece to have...I love using mine when all I need is a few credit cards/cash/phone....I have a pic with what I fit in it....let me see if i can find it for you...

    this is a tight fit...looks ok but its maxed out with these items and my sunnies are small....

    pic of how it compares in size to a few common slg items
  7. No, only monogram canvas, damier ebene and damier azur.

    I have it in ebene and LOVE it. It hols a ton, can be worn crossbody, on the shoulder, or handheld. I highy recommend it :smile:
  8. Plz more pics.I'm still confused..Its my first LV and somehow this feels like a big decision.Do you think the Eva in monogram canvas goes with everything.
  9. if its going to be your first LV I would sway toward getting the Eva just because it is hands down such a versatile piece....and I am pretty sure once you get one LV the milla will be on its way very soon
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    Yes the Eva is gorgeous and it's one of my favorite pieces from LV. I like the damier the ebene but I know a lot of people like the azur as well. You can use the long strap to sling over your arm or you can remove the strap and hold it as a clutch I believe.:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  11. It will be purchased in London by my brother.I live in India and will receive it on Wednesday (inshallah) when he arrives here.The deal is there are no LV stores where i live.So once i get something i usually have to wait for sometime (usually 4-5 months) to buy another.Will the Eva or Milla be readily available in London stores.I hope there is no wait list..
  12. I would go for the mono Eva as it is bigger plus it has a vachetta strap that allows you to wear it longer over the shoulder or cross body. The Milla is cute but not so versatile IMO. Seems more for placing accessories, etc inside your purse.
  13. Hi I am not sure but I know you will love it! :biggrin:
  14. THXX LADIES.Finally got the eva and loving it....
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    Wow. That SLG comparison pic is awesome. :smile: