LV messenger bag, which one should i get?

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  1. have several LV bags and most of them are handbags/shoulder bags. I dont have a messenger bag yet... any suggestions? I was thinking of the denim collection - baggy pm, since you can switch the strap with the longer one. But a friend of mine who has one said that its heavy. :s
  2. WHOA, i think the baggy gm would look AWESOME as a messenger...why didnt i think of that!?

    i personally find a lot of the damier messengers and monogram messengers really dull most times...i think making one of the other lines work for you in a new way (ie baggy gm as a messenger) is the best way to go...but thats just me.

    some of my favorite messengers are a) discontinued and therefore on ebay for, sometimes, a lot of dough, or b) are shapes not normally associated with messengers (my taiga in point).

    go for something different, skip the predictable naviglio or abbesses. again, thats just me...
  3. I agree, most of the LV messenger bags are boring... but i recently discovered that the denims Baggy pm & Gm can be used as a messenger bag, just buy the longer strap... I'm thinking of the chanel 2.55, the chain can be worn across the body.
  4. aww does that mean mine is boring? Well I'll suggest the sac bosphore.... it seems very practical. :shrugs:
  5. Damier Geant Loup! :nuts:
  6. thanks LVBastille, I was also thinking of the sac bosphore... sorry for my candidness on the messenger bags. I'm just looking for something different, a messenger bag that will not make me look too rugged when I used it in the malls with my toddlers in tow.
  7. i have a baggy Gm and i love it...i'm sure u'll love it too :smile:
  8. The style of LV Baggy GM is gorgeous!
  9. i have the baggy gm and i do use it as a sling bag, and it doesn't feel heavy at all. i love this bag coz you can have 2 style with just a change of the straps.
  10. How about the Bosphore PM/GM? It's cute!
  11. Hi! I have the monogram PM Bosphore and really love it. I have a 2 yr old and wanted my hands free as well. It fits a good amount. The size keeps it from looking too rugged, but the strap might be too casual for what you're looking for. Its great though.
  12. I also have the monogram bosphore pm. It's a good looking bag and a really nice size!! I had always wanted an LV messenger, but didn't like any of them until the bosphore line came out. Now I am a happy girl!
  13. I like the bosphore.
  14. Bastille
    Melville Reporter Melville
    Bosphore Messenger GM
  15. wow, a lot of bosphore admirers! can anyone pls post a picture of her wearing the bosphore pm? My recent LV purchase was the MC Priscilla. I love the shape, its different from the usual LV shapes....

    I'm really looking forward in buying a good messenger bag by January the latest. I want to use this when I'm with my toddlers.