LV Men's Spring/Summer 2019

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  1. For everything SS19 related - Virgil Abloh's first show as Men's Artistic Director at Louis Vuitton

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  3. honestly... it looks cheap
  4. Oh great. An overpriced PVC bag, just like Chanel.
  5. upload_2018-6-19_9-8-21.jpeg

    The Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring/Summer 2019 show by Virgil Abloh will be live from Paris on June 21st. Watch on Instagram and
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  6. that will probably melt once summer arrives here:rolleyes:
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  7. I don't mind the PVC from Chanel but that Keepall is just :whut:
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  8. It will be fun seeing people complaining about issues that should be obvious when it comes to plastic bags.

    Well, for one, it's not that interesting, as it's very reminiscent of what he did with Rimowa.


    But also, I think that while PVC bags might look fun, they also look cheap. And they actually are cheap in terms of material. And everyone knows that.
  9. C'mon Virigl! Give us something new and original and shut your critics up. Don't recycle old ideas please :sad:
  10. On a different note, here is a little teaser from the men's PRE SPRING SUMMER 2019. This is not by Virgil. It's by LV'S inhouse designers. Astronaut? Space? Monogram Galaxy tho! Will post more teasers later on. Releases November.

    Hear it here first!

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  11. I thought I was going to be able to take a break after the women’s F/W line, but the space-themed still my beating heart! I can't wait for more info; I'd love an SLG from the line.

    On a side note, seriously appreciate your site. So much amazing info!
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  13. So reminds me of old-school Bottega Veneta circa 2006.
  14. [​IMG]
    From Virgil Abloh’s instagram
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  15. I wonder how much the pvc keepall will go for? $2500? $3500? Surely someone with unlimited budget will pick one up? I can see it has a good Instagram appeal but I can’t see it being usable in real life situation. He shouldn’t have released info on Off White x Rimowa prior to Vuitton show. Now it just looks like he has one idea per season for both brands... frankly speaking had he done see through horizon with monogram, it would had been very interesting. More interesting than Off White x Rimowa imo.